Ch Boindebeel Icefall

Boindebeel Icefall was born at Thrumuskayt Manx cattery in March 2020 and has recently joined our breeding programme.

Icefall is a confident and relaxed young Cymric with a striking black coat. He has a powerful purr and lovely cuddly nature. Icefall adores people and other animals.


Cree, Elden, Kittens10.jpg
Thrumuskayt Heart of Iron

Thrumuskayt Heart of Iron (Cree) was born here at Thrumuskayt Manx in November 2020. He is set to join our breeding programme in summer 2021/2022.

Cree is a beautiful red silver tabby bi-colour Cymric with an easy-going nature and the loudest purr in the land. He loves attending shows and interacting with anyone who will stop and say hi. This youngster truly has a spectacular temperament and we hope he will pass this on to his babies. 

A big thank you to Kenzicats Photography for this photo.

Cree, Elden, Kittens18.jpg
Rebuss Gialdin Taurangi (Imp. Aus)

Rebuss Gialdin Taurangi (Eldin) arrived from South Australia in April 2021. He joined our breeding programme in July. 

Eldin is a stunning black bi-colour Isle of Man Longhair with a fabulous thick tail. He might still be young but he is developing into a handsome cat and has the confident personality to match.