2021/22 Season

*Updated 7th April 2022*

Boindebeel Hyacinth & Boindebeel Templeton

DOB 9th March 2022

  • Red classic tabby bi-colour Isle of Man shorthair male - available

  • Red classic tabby bi-colour Isle of Man longhair male - available


  • "Available" - Not yet reserved. Will be offered to those on our waiting list first.

  • "Reserved" - Kitten is on hold.

  • "Pending" - Kitten is under enquiry but not yet reserved. 

  • "Under evaluation for breeding" - Kitten is being considered for breeding but may become available at a later time.

Please get in touch if you are interested in a particular kitten.

Kittens are available for homes once they are over three months.


All of our kittens come with the following:

  • Registration papers (NZCF) and 4 generation pedigree

  • Desexed

  • Microchipped and NZCAR registered

  • Two sets of core vaccinations

  • Up to date with flea and worm treatments

  • Kitten starter pack

  • Adoption agreement


Please contact us if you are interested in adding a Manx kitten to your household.

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