Boindebeel Redwood

Boindebeel Redwood (pet name "Woody") hails from Boindebeel cattery in Morrinsville, New Zealand. He was born 1st March 2017 and joined our breeding programme in March 2020.

Woody is a very relaxed and chatty boy. He loves lounging about in the sun or talking to visitors about his day.


Boindebeel Templeton

Boindebeel Templeton was born to Auragold Typhoon shortly after her arrival into New Zealand in April 2018. 

Templeton is a smoochy, adventurous boy and loves to talk. He has a beautiful long silver tabby and white coat.


Boindebeel Icefall

Boindebeel Icefall was born at Thrumuskayt Manx cattery in March 2020 and has recently joined our breeding programme.

Icefall is a confident and relaxed young Cymric with a striking black coat. He has a powerful purr and lovely cuddly nature. Icefall adores people and other animals.


Auragold Bootsie Collins

Auragold Bootsie Collins (Bootsie) was born at Auragold cattery in Alaska. He was imported to New Zealand by Boindebeel cattery in 2018 and joined Thrumuskayt in 2020.

Bootsie is a handsome boy and charms everyone he meets. He loves to chat and will come running for attention. Bootsie has a lovely nature and a famous purr that he seems to pass on to all his kittens.