About Us

Thrumuskayt Manx is a small boutique breeding cattery of Manx, Cymric and Isle of Man cats in Palmerston North, New Zealand (NZCF registered). Our goal is to preserve this historic breed group and aim for the continuous improvement of their health, standard and temperament through careful and responsible breeding practices. 

We were first introduced to the Manx breed group when we added an Isle of Man Shorthair kitten to our family in 2016. Soon after we were introduced to the cat showing world and our little family grew. The Manx cats captivated us with their relaxed nature and rich history. In early 2020 we applied for our prefix under NZCF and we welcomed our first breeding cats in March.


Our breeding queens and their kittens are raised in our family home in an environment that has been modified for their enrichment and comfort. Our priority is to raise happy, healthy and well-adjusted kittens that will go on to live wonderful lives with their forever families. Finding the right homes for our babies is important to us, so please do not be offended if we ask you lots of questions when enquiring about a kitten.